Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Ashtabula County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center? Below are some frequently asked questions with responses. If you have additional questions or need more detail, never hesitate to call us at 440-224-2161. Thanks.

How is care paid for in a skilled nursing facility?

The method of payment is determined by many things. The patient's care needs, the patient's insurance if applicable, government funded payor sources like Medicare and Medicaid if applicable and private pay. Our experienced staff can help you determine which source of payment will fit your unique circumstances. Contact us today.

Is ACNRC certified by Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes, our facility is Medicare and Medicaid certified.

What insurances do you accept?

We currently work with twenty six different insurance providers and we are always working to extend that list. Individual contracts are possible if your provider is not on the list. Please call us at (440) 224-2161 to discuss your specific insurance coverage.

What documents should I provide upon admission?

The documents that you should provide upon admissions varies, depending on your situation. These documents may include a copy of your Health Insurance Card, Social Security Card, Driver’s License or Photo ID, Medicare Card – Part A & B, Medicare Card – Part D, Medicaid Card, Durable Power of Attorney/Guardianship Documents and Advanced Medical Directives/Living Will. Please review this list with our Director of Admissions to confirm your specific requirements.

Are short term stays possible?

Yes. Rehabilitation after a hospitalization and respite care are two common reasons for a short term stay.

Can residents bring their own furniture?

All rooms are fully furnished. Many long-term care residents choose to bring a comfortable chair from home. We also encourage them to bring items to personalize the room, such as comforters, pictures and other personal items of choice. We welcome questions about specific items you may be considering.

What else should I bring?

We recommend that you have a 5 - 7 day supply of comfortable, seasonly appropriate clothing and shoes. Basic toiletries are provided but you may want to bring your own.

Are pets allowed?

Small pets are permitted to visit if certain criteria are met. Please contact us to learn more.

Are there in-house doctors?

We have two Medical Directors and several Attending Physicians that visit on a regular basis. If your community physician would like to follow your care while in skilled nursing, that is permissible. If not, we can assist in assigning you a physician during your stay and return you to your physician upon discharge.

How are skilled nursing centers regulated?

Skilled nursing centers are licensed by the state of Ohio and federally certified to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). All skilled nursing centers undergo an extensive unannounced survey conducted by the Ohio Department of Health on average every twelve months.

How can I get more information about Ashtabula County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center?

Feel free to call us at (440)224-2161 or send a message through our contact page. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and assist you with this decision.






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